Seed Processing

Seed processing brings the seed to the next quality level by making high-value seed forms and seed treatments that meet the highest market standards of today. Once the seed is harvested in one of our production locations, it is transported to a vegetable seed supply chain center. A team of highly experienced and dedicated employees handle the seed carefully through different processes like seed receiving, drying, storage, conditioning, enhancement, treatment and packaging, before it leaves the door to our professional customers. Standardized procedures and protocols are utilized with continual internal audits for quality assurance of our processes.

Seed Receiving and Seed Storage
Vegetable growers want to have seed with a long shelf life. All seeds are carefully checked at receiving to ensure that all specific seed lot information is correct. Samples for quality testing are taken according to accredited sampling guidelines where seed moisture and seed counts are checked. Seeds are dried according to moisture standards if needed, before storing the seed at controlled conditions for temperature and humidity to secure shelf life.

Seed Conditioning
Our customers are only satisfied with the highest seed quality standards. Cleaning our seed lots is an important first step after reception of the seed. All undesired parts, such as plant parts, soil parts, dust and weeds are removed. The next step is to enhance our seed emergence through quality conditioning and seed sizing. Many different separation techniques are used to link physical and physiological seed parameters to seed quality.

Seed Enhancement
Nunhems customers are professionals that require high quality seed forms. Pre-germinated seed ('primed'), disinfected seed ('disease free') and encrusted or pelleted seed ('increased size or fully incapsulated') are standard seed forms in our product portfolio.
  • Primed seed will germ faster and more uniform. Under stressful conditions such as heat, cold or drought, priming gives the seedling an improved start increasing rapid germination and emergence leading to stronger seedling vigor and therefore enhanced yield potentials.
  • Healthy seed is the basis for healthy crops. To eradicate pests and diseases on seeds, we have developed techniques to disinfect the seeds. Even though it is not possible to 100% guarantee disease-free seed, We have very sophisticated proprietary processes to control and prevent these seed-borne diseases.
  • Encrusted or pelleted seed is used for better sowing. In the pelleting process, individual seeds are capsulated by applying solid materials and binders to the seed, to compensate for differences in size, shape and weight. Offering physical uniformity leads to higher precision in mechanical sowing. Nutrients and plant protection products can be included in the pellet to give the germinating seed and seedling a good and healthy start.

Seed Treatment
Our customers want to have fast emergence and healthy seedling development. Therefore we use high-value film coating technologies to apply the crop protection products in-house. In the film coating process, a polymer with various components is used to apply active ingredients to the seed in single or multi layers. The active ingredients used for the coating are fungicides and/ or insecticides in combination with color agents. Our film coating process prevents flaking and dusting that can cause problems to the environment or during sowing. The added coloring indicates that the seed was treated and colored seeds are easier to identify in the soil. These treatments can offer young plants protection against pests and diseases.

Seed Packaging and Shipping
Our customers want to receive their seed in the best possible condition. Our seed products are packed in high-quality packages to assure safe transportation and optimal protection in storage to our customers. Our packaging of pouches (foils), paper bags, cans and/ or pails is done on modern packaging equipment to meet the market standards. All package materials have the best barrier characteristics for humidity (moisture), air diffusion and light irradiation to guarantee the best storage conditions for our seeds/ seed forms.
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